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You cry harder.

December 6, 2019

...You wait at the hotel for Dr. Mengele. Eventually you hear the bell ring and he arrives. He walks in and sees you sitting at a table. He smiles and sits down across from you.

> He reaches across the table and grabs your hands.

You immediately push him away and tell him that you don't want to talk right now. He says that you have been acting strange lately and wonders if you are having a breakdown. He tells you that he knows exactly what is wrong with you and that he can fix it

> He pulls a bottle of pills from his pocket and hands it to you.

You look at the pill and think about what you would like to happen to you. You think about killing Dr

> Dr. Mengele walks to the bathroom and fills a cup of water from the sink.

You follow him and watch him pour the water into a glass bottle. He pours the water into the bottle and drinks from it. He puts the bottle back on the kitchen counter and pours more water onto the bottle

> He hands you the bottle of water, expectantly.

You take the bottle and look at it. It contains a white powdery substance. You lick your lips and swallow the liquid inside and feel a wave of warmth come over your body. You close

> your eyes and let the warmth spread. Dr Mengele talks

Dr. Mengelechle speaks to you in a calm tone that makes you feel comfortable. He explains that he has been trying to cure you of your condition since he was a child. He ha

> You burst out laughing. You are happy.

You laugh uncontrollably. Dr. You are happy and you feel good. Dr. You are free! You feel like a new person. Dr. Mengelechlechlechle talks again

> He says you should lay down on the bed and relax.

You do as he says. He gets on the bed and lies down beside you. He starts talking to you about his past:

> He tells you he has been thinking about you for a long time.

He tells you about his childhood. His parents died in an accident when he was young and he lived alone. He grew up in a small village called. One day while the villagers found a dead. They decided to rob him and killed him

> You look down and your pants are unbuttoned.

You gasp and stare at first thing you start laughing and then you realize you are actually naked and you start crying

> Your crying agitates the doctor.

The doctor tries to console you by telling you that he is sorry for what he did and that he wants to make things better for you. He promises to help you and tha

> that if you do as he says everything will be alright. His voice is very loud in your head.

> You he tells you that he has been studying you for years and thinks you are perfect. He wants to study you even more closely. He wants to know what makes you tick. He wants to know why you tick. He wants to change you. He wants to make you different

> He is touching you now and it feels like fire licking you

> You he touches you scream and fall backwards onto the floor

> you scrambled backwards and run into the door

You run into the door and cry hysterically. The doctor comes running after you. He yells at you and orders you to stop crying. He tells you that he needs to get you someplace else you can cry. He takes you to the basement and locks the door

> it is dark in the basement and you are suddenly very cold.

> You you try to escape but the doctor catches you and throws you against the wall and punches you cry out loud

> the doctor is touching you again, over and over and you cry

> You he stops and you scream.

> You you cry harder.

> You cry harder.

> You cry harder.

> You cry harder.

> You cry harder.

> You cry.

> You cry harder.

> You cry.

> You cry